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Whitening Peel Off Mask

A cumulatively lightening and brightening mask that targets hyper pigmented and sun-damaged skins. Whitening Peel-Off Mask contains active tyrosinase inhibitors to correct and prevent uneven skin tone, creating a more luminous and uniform complexion.
We start with a Microdermabrasion to exfoliate all of the dead skin leaving the pigmentation on the surface layer of your face.  After that, the whitening mask is applied.  The way the mask works is the citric acid bleaches out the pigmentation.  
There is no downtime to this procedure so you leave feeling fresh, young and smooth.  This is hands-down the best treatment for after summer.  Start getting rid of all of your sun damage and smooth your complexion.


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Microdermabrasion Add Ons

Vitamin A Treatment

Best for: Dry, sensitive combinational skin, impure skin (acne/breakouts)

This treatment is used for impure skin prone to pimples, allergies as well as it's used for mature skin that needs special care. Vitamin A is used specifically against premature aging, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving impure skin dramatically.                              

Price: $65 (60 minutes)


Hyalornic Acid Treatment

Best for: Dry, sensitive skin

Nourish and protect your skin’s delicate cells with our deeply restorative, moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Treatment.

Price: $65 (60 minutes)

Deep Cleansing Treatment

Best for: Congested, acne-prone skin

Say goodbye to skin impurities like blackheads and excess oiliness with our intensive Deep Cleansing Treatment.

Price: $55 (60 minutes)

Collagen Treatment

Best for: Dry, sensitive, combination skin

Brighten your skin tone, plump any wrinkles, and restore your skin’s elasticity with our Collagen Treatment, a powerful combination of amino acids, collagen and silk extracts.

Price: $65 (60 minutes)

Intensive Concentrate Treatment

Best for: Dull, aged skin

Boost your skin’s vitality with our Intensive Concentrate Treatment, filled with natural extracts like Rosehip and Beech Buds to leave your skin bright, firm, and plump. 

Price: $65 (60 minutes)


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