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"Importance of treating the skin during winter"

Seeking for a glowing and healthy skin in this time of the year? You found your place, and yes…There are no excuses! Every season brings a new routine and traditions to follow. On this winter season we do not only want you to look radiant and beautiful, but better than ever. We all know that in the cold season our skin suffers from dryness, frosts, snow and sensitivity, so it tends to be dehydrated and in need of treatments to revive it. Although this sounds impossible to fix due to the weather conditions, it is achievable. At Optimal Esthetics we strive for great and significant results on our clients, so we provide them a variety of treatments to continue on with their pampering sessions.

The Enzyme Peel treatment is one of the best resulted treatments in our office, which adapts to all types of skins positively. This therapy revitalizes the skin acting as a catalyst. Enzyme Peels speed the process of skin cell replacement by accelerating the chemical reactions necessary to bring forth newer, plumper cells and to rid the skin of the older, dead cell, too. Returning the skin to a youthful glow and awe-inspiring appearance. Enzyme Peels are also great for acne , scarring, wrinkles and age spots. It is the “drop of water” needed to hydrate and feed the skin properly.

Microdermabrasion is a different treatment offered at our office. We use a diamond microdermabrasion wand, an innovative tool with tiny diamond chips at the tip. This allows us to safely deliver precise, targeted treatment to any skin on your face or body without the risk of ingesting the microdermabrasion material or treating too large of an area. The difference between these two treatments depends on the skin type of the person. If the client who is getting the treatment suffers from acne we usually recommend the Enzyme Peel instead of the Microdermabrasion. This decision will prevent the acne from regenerating and increasing its redness condition.

The results are great on both of them, so do not hesitate and come for a free consultation at our office! Last, but not least ,“drinking water” is also one of the most important steps to continue with a healthy and refinement skin.

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