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What Are Biocosmetics and How Can They Transform Your Skin?


What will they think of next?

In the latest innovation for natural, effective skin care, industry-leaders like Dr. Spiller have sparked a trend for Biocosmetics, skin treatments and makeup that are naturally derived and still get amazing results.

Biocosmetics has a strong following in Europe and many keen new adopters around the world.

These treatments can transform your skin with:

High Concentrations of Active Ingredients

Just like a great recipe, the quality of your ingredients can make all the difference.

Most biocosmetic producers use extremely high quality, certified organic sources for plant extracts, essences, and oils. The resulting ingredient is so powerful that only a small amount is needed to deliver vital nutrients and hydration to your skin.

At Optimal Esthetics, we use small vials called Ampoules that contain just enough of these highly concentrated, active ingredients to renew your skin.

Biomimetic Treatment

This is one of those concepts that sounds fancy but actually works quite simply. Biomimetic skin care products are designed to work as closely as possible to your skin’s natural processes and structure.

In the case of Dr. Spiller’s HYTEC® Emulsion System, this means designing a water in oil in emulsion that closely resembles your skin’s natural lipid membrane. Because this emulsion is so similar to your skin, you’ll find that the treatment does a much better job of keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

Reduced Irritation

From our experience, many Biocosmetics are much better tolerated than traditional treatments chock-full of harsh synthetic chemicals. After all, what’s the point of skin care if it actually ends up irritating your skin?

Products with well-researched, 100% natural ingredients can be true lifesaver for people struggling with sensitive, inflamed, or damaged skin. 

That’s why Optimal Esthetics has made the commitment to only use high quality, gentle, and effective natural ingredients in our treatments.

Ready to see how biocosmetics can transform your own skin? Book your next skin treatment

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