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Microdermabrasion, Enzyme Peel or Facial. What's the Difference?


You want beautiful skin and you’ve just found the perfect esthetics salon in Calgary to help you do just that.

But here comes the tough part: Which treatment should you pick?

There are many different factors that determine which skin treatment is right for you, so at Optimal Esthetics, we complete a comprehensive skin assessment and consultation to find your best fit.

Once we’ve got a clear picture of your skin type and needs, we’ll recommend a personalized treatment plan for microdermabrasion, an enzyme peel, or a facial.

Here’s how these 3 skin treatments differ:


Think of this skin treatment as a form of manual exfoliation. We use a precise wand tipped with diamond chips to carefully “sand” your skin and remove the dry, dead cells in the stratum corneum or top layer of your skin.

For many people, this treatment is painless, restorative, and rewarding—they literally get to shed an old skin!

Enzyme Peel

Similar to microdermabrasion, enzyme peels involve exfoliation, only this time, it’s with natural enzymes that dissolve and lift your top layer of dead skin cells.

The beauty of enzyme peels is their customizability. We can tailor the treatment to be deeply cleansing, nourishing, or soothing, depending on whatever your skin needs most.

Both microdermabrasion and enzyme peels can produce remarkable results, but to get the most from these skin treatments, you need to something with all of that beautifully exfoliated skin! We recommend following-up with a customized treatment add-on to deliver the right final cleansing and nutrients to your skin.


Facials are a well-known, well-loved classic in skin care. These comprehensive skin treatments usually involve a suite of different procedures customized to your skin, including steaming, exfoliation, extractions, facial masks, and facial massage.

Typically, facials involve a milder level of exfoliation, so microdermabrasion or enzyme peels are a better option if you’re looking to fix more extensive skin challenges like deep scarring or wrinkles.

Let us help you find your best skin treatment! Book your next skin appointment

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