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Become a Microdermabrasion specialist with a two-day, hands on, intense training program.  This two-day course will give you everything you need in order to knowledgeably and confidently perform microdermabrasion consultations and procedures.  

Our Microdermabrasion course offers two full days of hands on training with both theory and extensive practical hands-on application on real models. Why get a certification for Microdermabrasion and participate in this course?  According to the American society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, microdermabrasion has been one of the top 5 non-surgery procedures performed for the last several years.  Participants will learn the analysis of mechanical mediums using a multitude of devices and compounds and its application for exfoliation treatments, client selection, consultations, pre- and post- treatment considerations.


Day one – Theory

Pathogenesis of skin aging

How Microdermabrasion works

Treatment guidelines

Client selection

Indication of Microdermabrasion

Contraindications and precautions

Client preparation & post treatment

Side effects & complications



Day two – Practicum and testing

Starting with theory testing.  One hand written test (90% grade minimum requirement before practicum).  Demo and hands on training.  Three models provided for practicum with different skin care needs.  Focusing on a diverse and well-rounded knowledge of different skin types.


Registration Fee:

$100-dollar registration fee is required upon registration.


Refund Policy:

If you wish to terminate the Optimal Esthetics Microdermabrasion Enrolment Agreement, you are requested to inform Optimal Esthetics in writing of your termination.  A full refund of tuition and fees paid if the applicant withdraws within 5 days after signing the contract.  After the 5 days there is a $100 cancellation fee.


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