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Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo method used to create the desired shape and fullness you've always wanted for you brows!  Lasting (on average) 12 months before requiring a touch up, microblading mimics the look of hair and is the most natural of the eyebrow tattoo techniques available.  

*Designed or dry to normal skin, not recommended for oily skin types.

Price : $350.00

Powder/Ombre - Ombre brows can be a softened makeup look, or a combination of microblading with machine "shading", which adds depth and additional colour between "hair strokes" creating the illusion of having your rows filed in; without actually having to do so.

*This method is the most popular and on trend for brows worldwide!  Lasting (on average) of 18-24 months, this method suits all skin types, but is especially suited to oily skin.

Price : $450.00

Dates available are Saturdays only :

November 23 & 30

December 14

January 11

Times available are 10am, 12pm and 2pm

Touch ups and/or coverups - TBD


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